The Twisted Train

“I pled with the engineer to let me off, I could not take one more thought in my head”

At a young age I developed the symptoms

Of OCD, but I did not know what it was, not

Being diagnosed until many years later

The illness was very frightening with twisted

Thoughts that would not go away, like a ride

I could not get off

I wrote this poem –

The train whistle blew calling

All aboard, my mind

Said no a ticket I could not


Not listening to what I knew

I boarded anyway

The train was red with big

Shiny teeth

Grey puffs of smoke rose

From the chimney stack

I wondered if this train would

Ever come back

As we pulled from the depot I

Noticed a sign –

OCD ‘Twisted Train’ was its name

That should have given me a clue

As over the miles we flew

The conductor came around

I asked him where we were


When he said the destination

I quickly jumped up, that was

Not the destination I had in


I walked through the twisted

Cars, each one had a name




And shame

If I stayed on this train I would

Become distraught

My thoughts would set up a loop

And I could not get off

I besought the engineer “I must

Get off”

Slamming on the brakes as I

Pulled on the cord he asked me

Where I wanted to go and what

I was looking for

“Please sir, I have checked all

The cars and they are twisted

“Please let me off”

He asked me if I had checked

The caboose, maybe there I would

Find what I was looking for

Walking through the cars again

I opened the door at the very


It was full of thoughts and I quickly

Shut the door and fled

There was no more room for

One more thought in my head

Again I pulled the cord and pled

With the engineer to let me off

Finally at the end of the route

He stopped

I sat on the bench waiting for the

Next train to take me to a peaceful

Destination, one I could afford.

(c)2014 by Donna Nieri

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