“And As She Reached Down To Kiss Me Goodbye,
I Wondered If She Would Come Back Again”

It is interesting the things that make an impression

On us as children, I remember when my mother was

Getting ready to go to a party, and after she reached

Down to kiss me goodbye, the scent of her perfume

Made an impression on me, but it also left a memory

Of abandonment, for she quite often left me and I

Wasn’t sure if she would come back –

As she dressed for the party

I watched intently, my eyes

Following her every move.

Sitting on the blue quilted

Chair in my nightie, with my

Elbows resting on the table,

I was mesmerized,

As she slowly drew her dark

Stockings, then pulling a slip

Over her head, she gracefully

Stepped into a black dress,

Clinging to her thin little body.

Her dark hair combed with care,

Pulled back with a shiny barrette, and

With a finishing touch, a necklace

of pearls and matching earrings.

She stood before the mirror

Admiring herself, and as the light from

The window fell upon her, she was


Like a lustrous pearl in emerald green

Grass. And I loved her so much, even

Though she was out of touch with her

Little girl.

Reaching for a small lavender bottle

Of perfume, she applied

Sweet scents behind each ear, and

Then smiling at me, dabbing a drop

On each of my cheeks, with a teasing grin.

It melted into my memory, my skin was

Perfused with the scent of my mother.

I asked her if I could put on a dress

And play outside. Sitting on my tricycle,

She bent down low and kissed me goodbye.

I remember the sense of abandonment

I felt.

Would she come back?

Would I be left alone while she partied

All night?

Well she might!

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