The Runaway

“Jonah Is Scared And Dares Not Go”

A far away land is where he was

Headed, going in the opposite

Direction of where God led him.

He was told to go to Ninevah,

But he ran to Tarshish instead.

Jonah is scared and dares not go,

Running to the City of Joppa.

Many people from faraway lands,

Have entered this cities’ gates,

Through these gates now Jonah

Goes, hoping no one will know

Who this man is who has disobeyed.

He had been a faithful prophet of

God, pleading with his people to

Turn from their rebellious ways.

They laughed at him, scorning his

Word they had heard many times


Among drunken men, he searches

For a bed.

As Jonah sleeps he is full of

Dreams of his lies and deceit.

The wharf is wet and slippery as

Dawn slips it’s way through the evening


Fisherman pull anchors, slowly

Guiding boats from the wooden

Piers, casting nets into the darkened


After a restless night Jonah boards

A ship going to the city,

Sitting on an island, surrounded by

Sparkling waters.

We don’t know for sure, and some

Disagree, that it actually dwelt on

An island, or perhaps on the cliffs

Overlooking the sea, surrounded

By shores of sand and palm trees.

Of children building sand castles

And laughing at the dolphins,

While mothers wait on the shores

For their husbands.

Now Tarshish is noted for its metals

Of gold, silver, iron and lead.

A great king lives here, ruling over

All. On his table are many delicacies,

Bread and wine, and the finest

Goblets and plates, made of this’d was

Lead, causing royalty and wealthy

To die at an early age.

But the poor who could not afford

Such luxury, were saved from an

Early grave.

The fleet of ships sailing to this city,

Bear exotic animals and birds,

Monkeys and apes, lepers and tigers,

Peacocks with plumage of

Iridescent colors, strutting in their

Elegant style, crying strange calls

They learned in the wild….

Dressed in silver lace, harems of

Maidens with garlands of flowers

And ribbons at the waist, are

Called to dance before the king.

Spicy condiments and sweet

Pressed wines tantalize the tastes

Of his concubines….

Excerpts from the book ‘The Runaway’

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