Miriam’s Song

“His Name Is Moses, Given By The Pharoah’s Daughter”

A fascinating story of a child born into a family of poor
Servants in a land of bondage,
When a decree had been issued by the King, all the
Male babies must be killed, but Moses would be spared,
For God had a plan that this child would grow to a man
To lead His people out of their land of slavery, to the
promised land.

A long time ago in an

Ancient world, a basket

Was hidden on the banks

Of the River Nile.

It held a baby hidden in

Grass, reeds and lotus


His sister stood by, pleading

With God to protect this child.

One day a princess was

Bathing and heard the baby

Cry. She ordered her maidens

To fetch the box before he


Opening the basket, there lay

A baby, none more beautiful

Than she had ever seen.

This was a secret she kept

With her maidens and took

The baby to be her child.

Running home to her mother,

His sister shared the news,

Her baby would be safe and

It made her smile.

This baby was special, God

Had a plan when he became

A man.

The mother nursed him and

His sister loved him, their baby

Was saved.

The prayers they prayed had

Been raised to the God above.

Moses was his name, meaning

“Drawn from the water”

Given by The Pharaoh’s


Excerpts from the book

“Miriam’s Song”

Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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