“The Numbers And Letters Were All Mixed Up”

I remember standing at the blackboard, the teacher scolding me

In front of the others, I was unable to focus on the questions

She was asking, worried about what I would find when I went

Home. The night before there had been screaming and fighting,

I was too frightened to go to sleep. No breakfast the morning

After, scurrying to meet the bus, the teasing of the students for

Lack of clean clothes was just too much. All this led to a distracted

Mind _

Here are a few poems to express these baffling thoughts I designed

“I Was Scared The Teacher Might Not Like Me Like Some Before”
“I Really Tried To Learn, I Really Did”

Pardon me for not listening to what you say

For you see my mind is on other things a

Million miles away

I don’t live in today, there is a delay, a

Hesitation to respond, a filter in my brain

Goes round and round repeating sounds

It pretends to send a message but it is not

Quite sure what to do, it was stolen long

Ago, too young to understand and put on


“All The Right Answers, Seemed Impossible To Give”


In order to survive I had to develop my own set of rules,

They weren’t the best but it was all I knew to do, unfortunately

I carried them through life, until I was led to adopt a better way

To survive

Is this what I should have done

And done it better?

The bickering of my soul is

More than I can hold, once is

Never enough, all these lessons

Are really tough

In my mind there is constant

Drilling, filling it with holes

Until it becomes a sieve unable

To control

“It Is Never Too Late Too Learn”

All was not lost in my travels to many schools, I was enabled

Later in life to learn the right way to survive!

Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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