A Continuing Saga Of A Mining Town Girl

“Even Though There Was Anguish And Pain,
Her Dry Parched Land Would One Day
Be Delivered From Sadness And Shame”

…reaching the crest , the children

Are sick and they stop to rest.

Looking around, scrubby bushes

And stunted trees are all they see.

Day begins to close and darkness

Falls as they stop beside the road

Of this lonely land, unloading their

Meager supplies.

A kindling of fire sizzles as they

Heat a can of beans. Chores are easy

With some coffee to pour. The sun

Begins to sink as children go to sleep

With old army blankets from the car’s

Back floor.

Sounds of the desert are frightening

At night, with coyotes, rattlesnakes

And Great Horned owls. Stars are

Clearer here, a peaceful scene after

The smoggy skies of the city lights.

Night becomes restless and the

Children are scared, the man sits by

The fire drinking beer and gin then

Laughs and grins.

Morning brings more arguing, anger

And tears with mama, and the man

Puts on his hat and boots, walking

Down the road with his bottle of

Whiskey, waving goodbye with his

Shifty eyes. While all of this is

Going on, the children wonder

Where their father is. The sun’s

Warmth is welcomed, waking these

Migrants as they hasten on. The

Children have hungry stomachs

With no breakfast and all this havoc.

There is a vastness here, of dry creeks

And ravines. Clear blue skies host mean

Black birds circling high. Coming

Around a bend on this desolate road,

There is a little mining town, they have

Finally arrived. Barely a green thing

Grows here, except by the mill where

Water washes ore and dirt on the

Mining floor. There are people all

Around panning for gold, hoping to

Make it rich. Excited they run to and

Fro, one man wins and another owes

It hits their brain making them insane.

Not much of a town, main street has

A saloon and gambling hall mixed in

One. Mama will go there till the money

Is gone. She is always dealt a shady

Hand, then in her anger she hollers

And yells and tells them to go to hell.

The smell of hamburgers and French

Fries tantalize these travelers, but for

Now they will eat potatoes and beans.

On the windy road to this town there is

A castle, some of it falling apart, with

Ruins on the ground, but the walls

are standing. The girl and boy tries to

Play here and pretend they are kings

And queens. It is a safe place to be.

When they go to their mining shack

At night, they heat up a can of Dinty

Moore stew in an old iron pot.

A one room school has mean ornery

Kids, they don’t like these children and

Shame their dirty clothes and hair. But

After awhile the kids are nice, they

Play kick the can and eat honey

Grahams, and the children begin to

Like this place, then mama decides

She wants to move on, they head for the

Wide open spaces again. Back in the

Little coup, the girl isn’t sure where

She is going, with brother, Chow, and

Now a couple of kittens…

Another continuation of

‘Mining Town Girl’

Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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