Mining Town Girl

“They Were Mining For Silver And Gold, But
Many More Treasures Were Found, Delivering Them From
This Dreary Land”

A story of a city girl, taken at at an early age,

To a strange land of dry dusty travels, sagebrush

And serpents, her journey was long and sad,

Little did she know this was preparing her for

a better land –

It is a rainy night in the city,

And all is still. Children are

Awakened and rushed to the

Car, not sure where they are.

This is a story told of a family’s

Quest for freedom and gold.

A mama, a sister, her brother and

Someone they don’t know. All

They know, he is not their father.

The travelers leave the city in

Their blue Chevy coup, as

Children peer out the window,

Kneeling on a pillow. Going west,

Travels are long, the car is small

And they are pressed. The sister

And her brother ride in the back

With their old black chow. Mama

And whoever he is , bicker and

Argue. There is a strange smell of

Liquor as he takes a swallow. Going

East, passing the desert floor, over

Dusty sands and hills beyond, unto

The high desert. Large mountains

Loom before them, as the car climbs

The twists and turns, higher and

Higher. Shadows of the Sierra’s fade

In the distance, coming to a land of

Lavender shaded hills and ravines.

Reaching the crest the children are

Sick and they stop to rest…it’s a long

Way from LA for this little girl, who

Will become a Mining Town Girl

A continuation of this story will follow…

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