Last Night’s Dream

“A Belfry Tower Sits High Above”

With the Pandemic seeming to heighten and many more taking

Masks and social distancing seriously, there is fear, for no one

Knows what is to come. Ironically, we have no where to go,

Our houses of worship, normally offering our need to have

Words of courage and hope, are unavailable. Doors are

Locked and we know not when they will reopen. The other

Day I saw a church sitting high on a hill and these words

Came to my mind –

Last night I had a dream,
of a house once full of light,
a belfry tower sits high above,
inviting all to come.
A home for all the weary and
contrite, a house full of praise
and joy.

In the second month of a new
decade, the year 2020,
many made a resolution
to have a better year than last,

when suddenly intervened,

for a great pandemic has
spreading across the earth.

Churches, temples and synagogues
here and abroad

are suddenly closed and locked.
Pews once full of people now
are empty.

No rest and peace are found.
The wavering candle’s flame
has been extinguished,

light shadowed with
darkness, where now shall we go
to worship?
But are we not God’s temple
dwelling within us, serving
one another? Lifting each other
when we fall? Doing His will
honoring Him…
We are given hope in God’s word,
though we may not have
a temple or a church to worship

*Quoting the vision given to John
the Revelator,
“But I saw no temple in the city…
It had no need of the sun or the
moon to shine on it, (for there shall
be no night there) the Lord God is its
And the gates are never locked!

Revelation Chapter 21 in God’s Word

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