Saving Our Children

Our Children Are Gifts From Above

Far be it from anyone’s imagination, that in our lifetime and our

Children’s, we would be put in the dire situation we find ourselves in.

Our children are our most treasured possessions and we want the

Very best for them. The questions that have arisen from this

Pandemic are many. Will our schools open this fall, and if so

Will parents send them in these fearful times?

It is frightening for many as we wonder what our children are

Thinking, having to wear masks and the need to remain

Distant from each other. It is important that we teach them

Courage and hope, to know that there is a God who

Can help them. One that has created this world and everything

In it, that His hand is over all that dwell within it!

He Made Oceans And Streams

God made heaven and earth, the moon and stars and air to

Breathe, it was very pretty but it was empty.

God Made Day And Night

And God said “I will first make fish to swim in the waters”

Big fish and little fish. The sky was very quiet and still, so God

Made birds to fly and sing.

The Animals Were Fun To Watch

And then He made animals, giraffes, elephants, tigers and monkeys.

They Were Very Happy

He made Adam and Eve and a special garden for them

To live in.

And God Loved Them Very Much

He was pleased with all these things He had made in just six days,

And on the seventh day He rested!

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