Sheep Safely Grazing

“A Lovely Pastoral Scene”

A famous German composer, during the Baroque period of

The early 1700’s, composed a piece often played at weddings.

“Johann Sebastian Bach”

“Sheep may safely graze and pasture

In a watchful Shepherd’s sight

Those who rule with wisdom guiding

Bring to hearts a peace abiding

Bless a land with joy made bright.”

“We seem to stray from the fold of safety, but upon
His lambs there is ever a Watchful Eye”

A lovely pastoral scene

It inspired me to write a story

In a secular verse

A lost lamb in an arid land

How it had wandered far from

The flock

Timid and shy unable

Its way from danger back

The ravine between

Deep and confining

Its cry bleating then slowly fainting

The sheep in safety still abiding

Following their shepherd

Wherever he leads them

Upon a midnight’s sleep

Awakening, counting his sheep

Venturing into the night

For one was missing

Oh, children upon earth

Like wandering lambs

Searching for a Shepherd

In a land of danger, suffering the

Hand that harms them

The Lamb of God with an

Ever watchful eye attends

His rod and staff

Securely leads them

Their bruises and hurts, their minds

And hearts with oils He soothes

With righteousness and truth

Smoothing their paths

Spreading a table before their foes

Their cup overflows

In the valley of death they do not fear

For in the house of their

Lord there is no despair

A room to hold them in that great

Mansion He has prepared, dwelling


“The rod and staff leads them”

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