Three Little Kittens

“And They Began To Cry”

When I was three years old I remember my mother dressing

Me up to recite the poem –

Three Little Kittens

They have lost their mittens

And they began to cry

Oh mother dear we have lost our mittens…

Oh you naughty little kittens, then you shall have

No pie…

I vaguely remember being promised ice cream if I

Performed well

I don’t have too many memories, but this is one

I think that left the message, because of my


I could not receive my mother’s love

One I would long for and possibly never find

I would be denied even a slice of pie, sweetness gone


~~~~Like an omen cast on troubled waters

Oh child you have been smitten

Oh let me swim little baby she cries

Let me swim away

A basket cradle has been woven

To protect you child

Oh let me swim, swim away

Oh no little child you must

Wait till your arms are stronger

So rest a little longer

Rest a little sounder

One day your eyes will open wider

Floating on still waters

Denied love no longer

Sweetness no longer bitter

You will swim far, far away

Afraid no longer!

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