“But The Old Oak Tree Stands Alone”

My book “Unshaken” was dedicated to my son

Stephen. I began writing a year or two before

His death. After that I was unable to write

For a period of time. There seemed to be a

Shift in the underlying theme when I resumed

Writing. I had to cling to encouraging promises

To survive those struggling times.

I have written several short poems that I would

Like to share, one for each day.

In an autumn field I walked

One day

The breeze blew upon the trees

The poplar, beech, and willow

Providing shade

Now their leaves in piles lay

But the old oak tree stands alone

Fully dressed, quietly defying the


Not one leaf shaken, not one

Branch broken

Winds come from the east

North and west

But not one falls at best

It is unshaken!

Standing below this majestic

Tree, surveying the strength

It is to me

I wonder if it is fulfilling my


I, like the oak, holding on to

The old, must wait in His

Time, to make room for the


Until then I am left unshaken!

A comforting verse to

Accompany these words –

“I constantly fix my eyes upon the Lord,

Because He is at my right hand, in order

That I may continue unshaken”

Acts 2:25

Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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