“The Bickering Is More Than I Can Hold”

Whenever I would make a decision

(After many agonizing thoughts)

I would then question what I had

Decided. The focus was ‘what if

I had made the wrong choice’

All hell and damnation would

Break forth. It was agonizing,

Maybe similar to those who

Contend with ‘ buyer’s remorse’

Only the buyer in my head was not

About to give up and let it go.

Thankfully after many years, that

Has pretty much gone away (with the


Of sometimes when I am faced with

A very important one, but the time

Lapse is shorter)


Is this what I should

Have done

And done it better?

The bickering

Of my

Soul is more than I

Can hold

Once is never enough

All these

Lessons are really


In my mind there is



Filling it with holes

Until it

Becomes a sieve

With no more room

To give!


An encouraging thought to share –

“Let no one strive, neither let

Any one reprove ‘oneself’ or

One another.

Do not waste your time in


Hosea 4:4

Amplified Bible Translation

I added ‘oneself’

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