“Leave Them Alone, For They Will Only Harm You”

It seemed I was constantly looking for answers

To my problems, religion, doctors, therapists,

Medications, twelve step programs, self help

Books, bargaining, pleading, begging, anything.

Until my search became a secondary

Obsession to the OCD I compulsively practiced.

I had tunnel vision, thinking the answer could

Lie in only one of these attempts. Not realizing

Each one was a part of the process of healing.

It was like fishing, never catching anything.

And then, after I had done all I could, I had

To wait for the deliverance only God could bring.


In the early dawn of the

morning hours

A ship scours an angry sea

Of thoughts

Trolling on the deep

A fisherman holds the


While a thought is


A larger one than anyone

Sought rises to the top

The battle begins as the war

Is fought

Three more knots added to

The speed of the ship

But it is all for naught

Leaving the fisherman


Above the commotion a

Voice is heard

“Push her down”

And an answer says

“How far down?”

“As far as the thoughts

Are buried”

“Hurry, cast a line and

Reel it in with all your


“But it is too big and my

Mind too small

How can I let it go, I

Am sinking?”

With a body that is weak

With my feeble strength

Pulling and striking, falling

On my knees

Every muscle, bone and

Grandiose groan has hit

The bottom

Another voice is heard

“Leave them alone, for they

Will only harm you”

The fisherman no longer


Releases his thoughts into

The depths of the sea


A word of hope –

“He will again have compassion on

Us… He will cast all our sins (and

I like to think, thoughts) into the depths

Of the sea”

Micah 7:19

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