Children Of The Womb

“One child’s fate lingers, another quickly taken”

I often questioned in life, why my

Existence was different from the

Way I observed in others.

Probably a very self pity point of

View. In my young years it was too

Mystifying to understand why I

Was ashamed to bring my

Friends home, that they would see

How we lived. When I went to

Their homes, everything seemed

To be in place. No one was angry,

There was food on the table,

Mother’s talking kindly to their

Children, father’s playing with


But then when I would have to go

Home, with the chaos and

Confusion, I would retreat to

Another room, hoping to be out

Of the way in case there would be

Another blowup.

In later years I questioned why I

Was born, as Job of old mourned

His existence for all the troubles

He had. But he never cursed his



Oh Children of the womb,

Are you all created


One a story one a


The womb from which you


A mother looks down with


And Affection

One in harshness and


One child’s fate lingers

On earth

Another is quickly taken at


Some struggle, some are


Others receive no rest


A conscience pricked from

A hand too


Tides ebb and flow upon

The soul

To be consoled by something


The womb has now become

A cross

All things on this earth are


The child comes forth with

Faith unshaken

Her wounds soon taken, but

For insult and injury

She has received, she would


Remained on earth in



This is a mystery!

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2 thoughts on “Children Of The Womb

  1. Yes Yes Powerful! Poignant. Important. I full-on resonate with the way you stuck to the trail of the tightrope, and still played the expansive leeway’s whenever you pleased. This is a strong pice!


  2. Thank you so much Jordan, for your encouraging comment, it means so
    much to me, and bringing attention that the comments do not appear on my
    posts!! But for you that would have remained an overlook. So grateful for


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