Earthen Vessels

“I had become marred in the hand of the potter”

I have spent much time at the potter’s

Wheel, becoming marred in his hands,

Falling from grace, but with a love so strong

He left me not that way, forming me into

Another vessel.

With rotating, circular motion, making me

Dizzy with the busy motion.

Taking his paddle with a scoop of clay tempering

It on his spinning wheel. The process hurts,

His knife scraping away the unneeded clay.

Baking me again in the furnace of affliction,

Shaping me as seemed best to him.

I have become a new vessel in the hand of the


“As chards of broken clay”

Are not we all earthen vessels,

Chards of broken clay

Lying upon the earth for

All to see

Since that good and evil


Fractured minds, injured


Enclosed in an earthen


Filled with holes

Coffer’s of treasures

Not of silver or gold

Hold those chosen to


The suffering

Of this earth’s souls


“Like clay in the hand of the potter

So are you in My hand”

Jeremiah 18:6 in God’s Word

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