Child Interrupted

“Happy And Free, Laughing With Delight”

A memoir of a child who once was happy and free in the garden of life.

A mother and a father, proud of their child dressed in pretty clothes,

A special dress her mother had sewn, adorned with a bonnet and

Barrette and a smile on her face, her eyes lit with wonderment

And delight. Like a fairy tale story, surrounded with love, secure in the

little part of her world.


A Game Of Hide And Seek


What is this game, child, you

Are playing in the garden of your


A garden full of wonder and beauty

Adorned with flowers and trees

Sweet sounds of birds with

Babbling brooks, serene and calm

And filled with trust

Playing hide and seek

Running from tree to tree

Waiting in excitement to be

Found by those you trust most

When suddenly this garden becomes

Very still

Not a sound is heard

Not even the sound of a bird

In wonderment you realize that

Everyone is gone as you

Sit down and cry

Wondering where your father

And mother are


Falling fast asleep

No longer your secrets keep

It is true your earthly family has

Left you, but do you not know, there

Is a Father up above seeking those

Like you, hiding from their pain

He is with you when

Your father and mother have

Forsaken you

He understands your fear and

Anxious thoughts

He is here to take the painful

Memories away

Do you not hear Him walking in

The garden of your heart?


“Though your father and your mother have

Forsaken you the Lord will take you into

His care” Book of Psalm Verse 27:10

This poem is adapted from the author’s book ‘Child Interrupted’

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