Prodigal Mother

“Mother Had had Enough, Her Wild Desires Were More Important Than Her Child”

Messages are often sent to children even though

They are not aware, mixed message that are confusing.

Mothers play an important part, shaping their children’s

Thoughts and character.

There roles are often influenced by the missing parent,

Creating insecurities, and often the child thinks it is their fault…


School is a difficult day after

The night before, words were

Confusing, people screaming,

Bottles strewn about the floor.

What are these people doing

That is so distressing?


No time for breakfast, running

Out the door, fearing she will be

Late, she can’t remember when

She last ate.

Taking a seat on the bus, the

Girls laugh at her dirty hair and


Standing at the board, the teacher

Shames her for the questions she

Does not know.

The bell rings, but she is afraid

To go home.

Each time she goes she is not sure

What she will find.

Reluctantly opening the door,

Gathering courage to walk in, it is

Strangely quiet, as she calls for

Her mother.

Going from room to room, panic

Sets in, calling louder than she

Did before.

Mother had had enough

She couldn’t take it anymore.

Her wild desires are more important

Than her child.

Tears begin to fall, if only she had

Been better, if she had only been


It is her fault that mother has



There is a strange story told of a

Land where a certain man dwells

He has a special message to tell

Given by God to share with his


But no matter what he said no

One would listen, even though

He pled with them night and


Then one day he awoke

Distraught, he must leave this city

He is too tired to carry on

Pleading with God his strange request

“Surely You can strike them dead”

God sitting quietly by is horrified at

Hosea’s words

But He has a plan for him

Strange and hard to understand

He is told to marry a woman

From another land

A woman who does not love His God

His eyes are big and wide

Where shall he go to find this


Knocking on doors, asking

“Where can I find this woman

God has for me?”

Coming to a tavern in the late hours

Of the night

Tables are lit by candlelight

He is directed to a brothel where

She sits drinking wine

Dressed in red satin and


He is not sure but he follows

God’s plan

Taking her home to be his wife

She bares

His children teaching

Them wrong

Taking them to strange altars

To pray

She is not happy with Hosea

And her children and one day

Returns to her evil ways

Though his children’s mother is


He loves his children even

Though they disobey

Feeding and clothing them

Hoping one day they will

Turn to his love


Though sometimes we stray,

We are ever on His mind

With the call,

“Return to My love and be saved”

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