Weeping Prophet


In the year Two Thousand Twenty

In the third month of March

A national day of prayer

Had been declared

There was a pandemic scare

Spreading across the world

Now six months later and not

Much better

Cities pillaged by mobs

Streets once safe no

Longer rush with throngs

Of people

In the thoroughfares

In amazement we questioned

“How could this be?” an

Illness we did not understand

Nor how to treat

It came upon us slowly

Then rapidly circling the globe

Doctors and nurses short of


Willingly gave their lives that

Others may live and not die

Have we slept in peace and safety

Lulled by a lie?

Thinking we have all we need

Proud and free in a land of plenty?

What will it take to bend our knee

And offer our cry?

Our hearts are troubled

Have we strayed too far

From the God of heaven?

Have we spurned His love

He has so lavishly given?

Have we now been forsaken?


Funeral Of A City

A story of antiquity is told, of a

City once dressed in rich garments

Of gold

A royal city with grandeur and

Abundance, of perfection among

All nations

Lifting its splendor

Where God and His temple abide

In the proud City of Jerusalem a

People reside whom He

Long bore with His grace and love

Their safety lay in rules and

Traditions, refusing to accept

The King and His salvation


With a fountain of tears

A woeful man cried, pleading

Forty years he warned this


Only to be scorned and beaten

His message ignored, he

Wrote a book called


But no one listened

How lonely sits the city now

Like a widow in sackcloth and


Ravished by a heathen nation

Her walls of protection and gates

Are broken

Her children taken bondage to

A Babylonian nation, worshiping

gods forbidden

These men had turned

Their backs and hidden their



Could this holocaust that has

Stricken our lives be a warning

We who may be living in the last


Can our cities be restored, their

Gates and walls of truth and right

Be reinstated?

Oh Jeremiah, you who wept for

Your broken people, will you weep

For us as well?

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