Dream Of Death

“Half Past Four I Fell Asleep”

We lived in a small mining house

In a little town, where we finally

Settled from our travels through

The remote areas of Nevada.

Our house was nestled in a little

Valley all by itself, with only one

Road in and none out.

If cars came in, they had to turn


Many nights I spent laying awake

Waiting for my mother to come

Home after her jobs as a

Waitress, and her frequent visits

To the gambling halls.

It was very scary at night when

Cars would come, their lights

Reflecting on our windows,

Not knowing who they were.

When I was finally able to go to

Sleep, I had many dreams and



The clock on the mantle

Struck half past ten

The hour to retire for

Most women and men

I listened to the clock

Heard a knock on the door

I looked, no one was


Half past two still awake

With nothing to do

Half past four I fell asleep

Forgetting the mother I

Had expected to come

Through the door

A gust of wind blew

Through the window

Death came in with a

Shroud on his face

He came to take me

Not yet was my plea

I have much to do

Much to undo

Death agreed to let me


He gathered his cloak

About him and went

On his way!

I suddenly awoke

Knowing this was just a


Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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