I was done…

“Placed In A Resting Place”

I was done…

Or so I thought, it was just too much, I no longer

Wanted to stay, but to enter a place where I

Would not think the thoughts that plagued

Me night and day…

And then I awoke to the sound

Of the ambulance, the swift movement of tires

Pounding the pavement, to faces hovering above

Me calling my name, then resisting their words

That faintly echoed, I fell into unconsciousness…


I had entered a place of


Placed in a resting place

Beneath white lilies

And a green mossy


My body once shrouded

In garments

Of darkness

Now covered in white


My eyes no longer


Upon my chest my arms


No longer beating my


With the tilt of my head to

The side

All thoughts are emptied

Now where

Will the antagonists


No longer will I entertain

The sufferings

That caused me such


But in this state of peace

I cannot linger

I am awakened to the

Call, it is not time for me to go…

Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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