“Writing To Survive This Illness Is Helpful And Healing”

To honor this month of September, in recognizing

’Suicide Prevention’ I have shared my story,

Hoping to give those who may have attempted to

Take their life or have family or friends who have

Been successful to this painful illness. I would

Like to encourage those who have experienced

Any one of these losses, or your attempt, to share

Your story. There is healing and help!


The door closes behind me

I am released

From the hospital

Back into the world of


I feel the warm sun on

My skin

Breathing fresh air

Hearing the sounds of


Speeding by

The sound

Of an airplane

The whistle of the train…


Will I succeed in facing

The world

With nerves on edge from


And sedation?

I have reservations as I leave this


This place of security

Will I make it with my


The world had gone without


Not knowing or caring why

I had left

I had been among people

Who were

Struggling, trying to survive

I did not quite understand


Tight hold on life

With my stay the track of

Time emptied

Into the distance

No one understands the

Apprehension I feel

Can I do this, can I make it

In life?

This is the time I must


To remember I am not alone

Nor forsaken

I will be alright!

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