letter of innocence…

“I Discovered A Letter I Had Written To My Mother”

My stay in the hospital, in some ways was

Difficult, for when a person

Attempts to take one’s life, you are not your


They had a seventy two hour hold on me,

After that my release was determined by

Doctors and therapists.

But in some ways it was beneficial, for I

Was required to start medications,

Attend group therapy, psychological

Evaluations, creative arts with teachers

Urging me to develop another side of myself,

Rather than the one which was lost,

The one I had ignored…


There was a letter I had found, that was

Stored in a box of keepsakes I had written

To my mother long ago.

A time when I loved her even though she

Had many deficits and short comings.

And then as I grew older I could see the error

Of her ways, and my little child within broke away.

Now I was forced to face this division that

Had been brought to my attention…

At the release from this place of intensive

Inner healing…

I looked around the corner

And saw her

She was still there waiting in


For my child had never

left me

She knew it would take time

To heal

Our separation would be restored

And finally come to fruition

She knew my struggles

And troubles

Urging me to trust, to believe

Our reunion was slowly

taking place

Darkness turned to light

Sadness turned to


No longer crying her eyes

Are shining

She appears with a smile

Asking me to dance

To soothing music she comes

Before me

With her tambourine and

Sandaled feet sweeping

The floor

Taking my trembling hand

We begin to dance

And laugh


As I begin to move the music

Becomes louder

Becoming faster my head

Begins to spin

Feeling and emotions are


Collapsing on the floor

I become

Aware of emotions


Anger and rage are revealed

Waiting to be released

Tired I drop, a little lighter…

Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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