It is 6 AM on a Tuesday morning…

“A Cathedral Built On A Rock Of Religious Freedom”

Brisk with an early morning chill.

The last of the autumn leaves

Of New England have fallen.

The night before has been long

With anticipation.

The streets are quiet before the

Last rush of hectic voters.

This is not an ordinary morning, in

Fact it is an extraordinary morning of a

Day that will set a precedent in the

United States election.

One that will determine the direction

Our nation will go, in the course

Of events facing a people who are

Distraught with fear and distress.

A world wide illness plaguing our


As the sun begins its circuit on the

Eastern horizon, its rays reflect a

Massive structure, doors that

Have been locked since COVID 19 are


A Cathedral, built in just short of a

Century, on a rock of religious freedom

Welcomes all seeking silence and


A sacred place for rest and reflection.

A vigil of prayers will be said.

From morning till night, hour upon hour

Until the very last ballot is cast.


Many centuries ago there was a similar

Story of a nation suffering in infancy,

Released in freedom from a land of slavery.

A people all too familiar with plague

And pestilence, in the land of Egypt.

Only by God’s grace were they spared.

Led by a humble man

Struggling for wisdom to lead his

People to a promised land.

With a people constantly complaining

Even after miraculous provisions of water

And bread. His people are faint with thirst,

Questioning –

“Is the Lord with us or not?”

A threatening nation from a foreign land

Has sought their lives

High on a hill looking over the sea

Moses lifts his rod.

And Israel prevailed!

But when his arms became weak and

His hands heavy, with no strength of his

Own, no longer could he lift his hands

To fight.

And the enemy prevailed!

His men intent their battle be won

Placed a stone of strength beneath him

Lifting his hands until the sun went down

And the battle was won!


For our leaders, who fight for our nation

Becoming heavy with arms of frailty, their

Hands weak in the effort to find peace.

Searching for healing, hope and unity.

Will we as a people lift them up that

They will not despair, that

They will be steady in the wake of this great


The question is asked,

“Is the Lord among us or not?”


“The God who watches over America

Never slumbers or sleeps”

Though kingdoms and nations will

Crumble and fall

We are assured He is in the midst of

Us all.

No matter who will win, we will

Lift them up

That they may not stumble.

Tomorrow, for one more day

The *Cathedral doors are open for

Prayer and contemplation!

*The Washington National Cathedral

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