He holds the key

I have spent much time in my, life trying to make

Myself good and right, only to find frustration and

Unrest, thinking if I only did enough, surely it wouldn’t

Be like this….

It is a gentle knock the

“He holds the keys”

Knock on my door, one

I have heard many times


The door is locked

And I can’t find the keys

Lord, I am busy

Please come back

Another time

It is too dirty in here for

You to see

I sweep and dust, mop and


But the litter doesn’t get any

Better it just gets deeper

The windows are smeared

And I can’t look out

Each room is full of junk

And bursting at the seams

I could never let you in, it

Would break Your heart

To see the condition of the

House I live in

There are too many rooms

Each one I go in, hoping to find

The peace I need

There’s not even room for me

I really don’t want to leave

But if I don’t do something

I’ll lose my mind

And the knocking gets fainter

And fainter

And I keep cleaning faster and


But no matter where I go

The knock keeps knocking

Just as before

“Maybe you can knock on

Someone else’s door and

They’ll let you in”

“Have you tried my children?

I hope they would listen

But even they have forgotten

And don’t hear the knocking”

Surely I will find a room for

Him to dwell in!

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock,

If anyone hears My voice and opens

The door, I will come in unto him and

Dine with him and He with Me”

Revelation 3:20

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