The forgotten Christmas tree

“Many are searching for that perfect tree”

The trend these last few years during the

Christmas season, has gone in a different direction.

Several decades ago, when artificial trees were

Introduced with their blinking lights and glittering

Tinsel, people adopted a substitute for the once

Meaningful tree we displayed in our homes.

This year with COVID 19 at the center of attention, it

Seems people are reaching out with more nurturing

Ways to express their celebrations. Colorful lights are

Seen earlier than the usual time of this festive season.

Hoping to brighten our lives midst the chaos and


And now, instead of reaching for that dusty box

In the attic, with its bent branches and superficial

Tinsel and gloss, more Christmas tree lots

Are frequented with holiday cheer and excitement,

Looking for that perfect tree, bringing it home to

Decorate with handmade ornaments, meaningful

With tradition…

Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!

Where have you been?

For your lovely boughs and branches

Of green

We have yearned

You who once graced our homes

Have been replaced with your charm

Your grace we have missed with your

Pleasant light

The scent of pine with its silvery fir

Lonely we have been for the advent


Its candles shining in the night

Oh, what joy you bring of love

And hope

Crowned with Bethlehem’s star

Guiding the Wisemen

Following its light bearing gifts

And on that midnight clear

The star upon your crown

Pointed forth the shepherds


In times like this, peace on earth

We surely need

With good will to all men

In waste our world lays, waiting

For the Promised One

In amazement we gaze

Earth’s ministering angels

Bend their arms to lift those

Plagued with illness and grief

And as onward we travel this

weary world

Beneath its crushing load

We look to the Savior to be born

Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!

Let us look upon that star you bear

And so we lift our songs of joy

In our homes we welcome you back!

2 thoughts on “The forgotten Christmas tree

    1. Thank you so much John for your wonderful comments, it
      means so much to me. Your website is incredible, with much
      insight, ‘I Can Show You God’ is a very impressive poem.
      I hope you stay safe and well also. In times like this we all
      need to trust and care for one another!!


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