Christmas In A Mining Town

“Winter comes and it is Christmas time in the dry desert of

several mining towns we lived in Nevada. A holiday parade is

a lot of fun. Singing carols as we marched to the drums beat.

Because there are no trees in the town, the miners go to a

nearby mountain to cut a pinion pine. The tree is decorated

with sagebrush garlands and crepe paper bells, colorful

candy, nuts and fruit… some towns aren’t so lucky, to live close

enough to cut a tree, in one of the towns they live, the tree

is called the ‘never green tree’ making one out of boards

nailed together, or some find the largest tumbleweed

decorating it with ribbons and bows… one of the nicest

things I think is there is so much good food to eat,

hot chocolate, candied apples, popcorn and cinnamon bread,

it was so nice, just for a little time, we didn’t have to worry

where our next meal would come from” ….

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