A Tree In The Midst Of Three

“And this is how the Christmas Tree came about”

The Christmas tree had its beginning in Germany,
In the 16th century, when Christians brought
Decorated trees into their homes. There is a
Story told of Martin Luther, the Protestant
Reformer, who was walking home one wintry
Night, and as he gazed on the snowy hills in
The distance, the beauty
Of the trees silhouetted against the starry
Skies, he was stricken with the majesty of God’s
Creation. Returning home, gathering his children
About a tree, they decorated it with candles,
And this is how the Christmas tree came about.

Around the year 1226, St Francis of Assisi created
The first Nativity scene with live animals, the
Manger and the straw holding The Christ Child.

In the Middle Ages, many people could neither read
Nor write, and in order to share these heavenly
Truths, actors traveled from town to town,
Reenacting these scenes in Passion Plays.
Many of these traditions are observed at the Advent season,
Foretelling the reason we celebrate Christmas.

“The First Tree In Eden’s Garden”

There is a story of three Trees

They could eat of the Tree in the


In Eden’s fair garden

But of the Tree of Good and evil

It was forbidden

They did not listen and partook

Of the fruit

This is the first Tree in the midst of Three

“A Savior Will Be Born”

With one last look they fled in terror

Why do they fear their Heavenly Father?

In His evening walk

They heard the words “Do not be afraid

A Savior shall be born in a manger of hay”

This is the second Tree in the midst of


“The Second Tree Bearing A Cross”

His path will be lonely, His friends

Will forsake Him, His enemies will hate

Him, but for your sakes He will give

His life that you may be saved

“On a Tree He will hang before

Mockers and throngs

In a grave He will lay and rest three


Rising again

Ascending to heaven, giving us the

Hope of His Second Coming

“There will be earthquakes and

Famines, pestilence and plagues” ***

The world will be in tumult and


For deliverance, crying

“But do not be afraid”

“Do not be sad” He said

I will return to take you home”

This is the third Tree in the Midst of Three

“The Tree Of Life In Heaven”

Eden’s Tree will be restored

For all who believe, of its fruit

They shall eat

The leaves of its Tree bringing

Healing to the nations

And forever in heaven and earth, there

Will be peace!

***Prophecies taken from the
‘Book of Matthew’
Chapter 24 in God’s Word

8 thoughts on “A Tree In The Midst Of Three

  1. The tree of good and evil will always remain within the garden of eden; even after it is restored upon the earth made new.

    Everyone will have access to it and no one will be stopped 8f they want to eat its fruit.

    For the tree of good and evil is a test of ones loyalty and willingness to obey God.

    No one will ever choose to disobey by plucking and eating its fruit.

    Simply because after experiencing the terrible results and consequences of Adam and Eve’s.

    No one will ever consider disobeying God ever again.


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