Three Wise Men . . .

The 12 days of Christmas begins on December 25th and ends on January 6th 2023!

It is called the Christmastide, celebrating the Nativity of Jesus which extended from His birth to the coming of the Magi, traveling to worship Him.

The twelve days of Christmas begins on December 25, 2021
And ends on January 5, 2022. It is also called the Christmastide,
Celebrating the Nativity of Jesus, which extended from His
Birth, to the coming of the Magi, traveling to worship Him.
.“Now when Jesus was born, three wise men
From the East came to worship the new born Child”
Belonging to a large and influential class,
They were known as Kings, wealthy and wise.

Bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.
Studying the starry skies, a star appeared as
They traveled afar beholding the glory of the Creator.
These men had heard of the
Coming of the Redeemer, and turning to Hebrew
Scripture they treasured the prophetic writings, that
Predicted the coming of the birth of a Messiah.
At every pause on their journey they comforted
Each other with these holy Words.
As we are approaching the end of time,
Are we as diligent as these men of old
Searching the signs of the prophecies,
Pointing to the Lord’s second coming?
God has never left his people without
Knowledge of the greatest event in
History to take place.

Gathering his disciples about him, they
Asked Him when would be the
Signs of the nearness of His second

With twelve young men they
Climbed Mt Olivet
Following their Teacher’s
His disciples questioning
“Why are there so many disturbing
Things happening?
What will be the signs of your coming?”
Their teacher of God will surely have
The answers to all of these
Things approaching

From the Mount of Jerusalem they look
Upon the Temple, beautiful and proud
But their teacher warned, not one
Stone shall remain, but all will be
Thrown down
For as the days of Noah so shall it be
Eating and drinking, marrying and
Given in marriage, then the flood
Took them all away

There shall be earthquakes, wars
Pestilence and plagues
But be not afraid
Though you may be betrayed
Fathers and mothers may reject you
Children may turn against you
I will never leave you or forsake you

“And immediately after those days
The sun will be darkened!
The moon will not give its light!
The stars will fall from the sky
And the heavens will be shaken!***
Many shall say
“Look for me in the desert
Or in the chamber
Do not go there
For as the lightning comes from the
East and flashes toward the
So shall you see me when I come back

No one knows the hour I will come
But my Father in heaven
Though days may be dark and dreary
Look up and know I am with you’
I am your hiding place
Preserving you from trouble
All who look to Me I will save!”

**Adapted from the book
‘Desire Of Ages’ by Ellen White page 60
***Joel chapter 2:28-31
Inspirations from the ‘Book of Matthew’
Chapter 24 in God’s Word

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