Angels and Demons

In the Book of Revelation, an Apocalypse is written by John the Revelator,


Which was given to him in visions, revealing the divine mysteries of God,

Unveiling those things that were previously hidden, of things which must

Shortly come to pass.

Angels directed his pen, portraying the future by means of strange and even

Fanciful symbolisms.

The Words are written “Blessed are those who read and hear the words of these

Prophecies, for the time is near.”

Horses are symbols of strength and power, bringing significance and interpretation

To the magnitude of the things to come upon the earth.

I have tried to capture in descriptive words the role they play in bringing glory

To the testimony of Jesus Christ!

Three angels circle the earth

With wings of flight and trumpets


Four angels hold back angry

Winds from blowing

Wake up you once triumphant

People, arouse from your


The hour of midnight is fast


On the opposite shore of another


Four horsemen are saddled

Spurring their horses

Increasing their gait with a heavy


A silver sheen from a crescent

Moon, glistens the coat of sweat

With nostrils flaring and gleaming

Eyes, their breath steaming

A hurry of hooves spills their

Potions over a darkened land

Signs have been fulfilled, ancient

Pages swiftly turning

Joel the Prophet proclaiming**

A great trembling of earth!

The sun refusing to shine!

A sky of stars falling!

Standing on the edge of time

Six seals have been opened

Waiting for the seventh to be


So through the night ride

Horses of fury

And angels of flight continue


A voice in the darkness, a knock

At the door, words shall echo

“Though demons inflict war

Upon God’s children”

One day His people will awaken

And listen for the midnight cry

“The Bridegroom comes to take

Home His Bride.”

**Book Of Joel Chapter 2:30-31

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