“A Holy Day Of Prayer And Fasting”

February 17, begins the first day of Lent, six weeks before Easter.

Many Christians celebrate Ash Wednesday, a holy day

Of prayer and fasting, deriving its name from the

Placing of ashes made from the burning of palm branches from

Previous year’s holy celebration. Ashes are placed by priests

On the forehead of participants, signifying their

contrition for sin in their lives. Some commit to

Selecting an item of abstinence during this season.

Many times I find myself making resolutions, attempting

To cleanse myself of defective habits, to bring about

Personal growth.

“Ashes Made From Palm Branches”

One I have struggled with, is a dietary abstinence. I have a high

Intolerance of sugar, which effects me both physically and

Emotionally, so much so that under normal circumstances

I am able to refrain, but then eventually, forgetting the

Consequences, I succumb, and after that first bite (which

Is never enough) I am consumed with the desire for more, just as

the alcoholic cannot stop at one drink.

(My Father having been one)

Reflecting on this, I wonder if there could be two different

Approaches, in bringing about deliverance from the short

Comings that are causing such havoc in our lives.

1. Making a choice, one in my own power, to bring about

The deliverance I so much desire, often failing, falling into

Doubt and frustration, with little hope.

2. The second choice, as opposed to the first, one that

Depends on God’s power to help me abstain, creating a

Deeper cleansing and meaning in my life?


And though at times

I do not dare to hope

That I might find hope


To question heaven

When wings of hope have taken flight

And higher still

Only in my dreams at night

Of flowing streams and

Budding flowers

An imaginary place I must


Until the wings of hope

Escaped return again

A place where I can hope

Once more

Where I can rest my head

And all peace prevails


No matter how much we offer in penance and confession,

Of giving of ourselves,

Our meager attempts are never enough.

Only Christ’s sacrifice of prayer and fasting while here on

Earth, the giving of His life that we may be saved, will there be


Scripture Reflection

Book of Hebrews 11:1

“And what is faith? Faith

Gives assurance to our ‘hopes’

And makes us certain of things

We do not see… that will come to pass”

New English Bible

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