A Time To Be Born

“To Everything There Is A Season”

Having recently celebrated a birthday, I found myself wondering

When and how they began. Their celebrations did not always exist.

Before the advent of the calendar they were unable to record the

Time of birth or the day.

The earliest mention of a birthday, according to Biblical scholars, was

Around 3,000 BC, in reference to a Pharaoh’s birthday. But further

Study implies, that this was not in reflection of their birth into this

World, but their birth as a god.

It all started with the Egyptians, then the Greeks embraced the day,

But only for men!

It is believed the first birthday cake began in Germany, a coarse

Bread of the Middle Ages, later becoming a sweeter version. Only

The well to do were able to celebrate, as the poor could not afford


In the 17th century the cake became more elaborate with icings

And decorations.

In the 18th century cakes became more affordable, and many

Were then able to participate in the celebration.

The history of the candles on the cake began in Ancient Greece.

The glow of the moon they worshipped, with the smoke of the

Candles ascending with prayers to their gods in the skies.

Now, the candle is placed upon the cake to represent the

Light and life of each year given to us.

In Christianity the emphasis is on a spiritual rebirth from the

Earthly womb, becoming a child of God.

“To everything there is a season

A time to be born and a time to die”*

We all are born of an earthen


In chaos and confusion

Cast into earth’s waters of

An angry sea

Oh half womb, wombed in its time

Conceived in a silver

Luminous moon

In a pierced cavity

A baby spilling out

I Am A Woman Now!

Dressed in fine filament

With an

Incandescent sheen

Buoyed by the

Waves, seeking eternity

In ceaseless motion

My hair swept back

By the rush of winds

Two wet eyes crying

Oceans of tears

In a bed of water

Diving for pearls of

Wisdom, finding

Only bubbles of air

My only resort is prayer

Reaching the shores of

Placid waters

An extended Hand with

Mine, grasps each other

To be born twice is

Heaven’s plan!

Scripture of reflection

Isaiah 43:2

“When you pass through deep

waters, I am with you”

*Book Of Ecclesiastes

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