The Children’s Requiem

We have survived the winter, March is ushering in the first day of spring,
Signs in the earth are just appearing. One of the first flowers to appear are violets.
They remind me of little children buried in the earth soon to come forth.
Children are resilient and forgiving, though sometimes abused and forgotten.

Crushed violets lie withered
Pressed to the ground
Trodden under foot by humanities boot
All is silent not a sound
Lavender and blue covered with dew
Each petal bruised
Leaves of green streaked with brown
Bleed from the offenders frown
Oh, little ones asleep in your tombs, you have died
Only to rise again

“One of my favorite quotations “Forgiveness is the fragrance that

the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it”

Mark Twain
“Blue Violets Crushed To The Ground”
A Requiem Of Notes Are Gathered Together, As Children Raise Their Voices In Song

Those who learned to dance and sing, in spite of the trials this earth brings, they have heard the call “Let the children come unto Me” All those who have risen from sleep, are reborn and set free!

“A new song we will sing unto Him”

Psalm 144:9

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