Little Toy House

Home is where our story begins

Some are happy some are sad, always
hoping for one that makes us glad!

In our many travels we moved around often,
never staying anywhere very long

A child of a mother who traveled all around, but
one that loved us the best she could, everywhere she
went we went too, taking us for a ride over hills,
bumps and ridges, telling a story, one that
would unravel in time

Little toy people playing
In their home
Pretending they are happy
But feeling all alone
Toy mother and father
Playing their rolls, they
They can see out but no
One can see in
Little toy furniture
A bed and a couch, but
No one could rest, too
Much noise and confusion
There is no table or
For there is no food
The little tea set is
Shattered along with the
We get in the little toy
Car and move right along
From place to place
But we won’t stay long
Stopping here and there
Just in case
I have hung on to my
They are all I know
Too scared to let them go
Searching for a home
For one that evades this
Who plays the role in the
Little Toy house

“But one day it will be provided”

For it has been promised

“In my father’s house there are many mansions
There are many rooms…

John 14:1-2

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