An Evening Star

“It is a happy star with a smile on its face”

Quote from the author’s book ‘God’s Story Book’

A time between dusk and
twilight, as shadows fill the
the sun grows weary and
bows its head, fading
in the west and then dies

An evening star dressed in its gown
of sparkling silver and gold
is a happy star with a smile on its face
it has five tips, a head, two arms
and two legs
now the big dipper is late spilling
the stars, filling the nighttime sky

The evening star feels important
holding up the sky alone
one night it gets tired of hanging
one arm begins to fall, then the
other lets go

It calls to the rest, “hurry quickly
I can’t hold up this sky any longer
it is too much, I have done my best
the big dipper then hurries
lifting its ladle, sprinkling star dust
in the stars eyes
Awakening, spreading their light

The evening star is now content
knowing it is no longer alone
evening gives way to a soft light of
day, when the stars are done

I wonder sometimes, do we get
tired of holding up this world
Forgetting there is a God to do
our bidding?

He holds all things in the palm
of His hand!

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