The Great Week Of Time

“Eden Lost To Eden Restored”

On this eve, the Holy Sabbath hours have descended upon our
Earth, honoring the day God set aside for all to rest, just as
He, after His beautiful creation week. Our world in all its
Fallen condition, groans with labor pains, waiting for our
Lord’s return, restoring rest and peace to all generations!

“Remember the Sabbath day to
keep it holy, six days you shall do
all your work, but the Seventh day
is the Sabbath of the Lord your God
Exodus 20:8-9

Heaven’s time is not in our time
It is not limited to our space
But extends beyond the
Imaginings of the human mind
To God a day is as a thousand
Years in an eternity of bliss

“Trees And Flowers Nestled Among Mountains And Hills”

Once a pure and fruitful land
With flowing rivers and springs
Of life
Trees and flowers nestled among
Mountains and hills
A delightful scene to meet the eye
A young man and woman
Fresh from the hand of God
Flowing from the river of life
Wonder who made such
A lovely place for them to abide

At the setting of the sun
In the coolness of the even

A Heavenly Man comes to
Visit His children
“Please tell us how all this

came to be?” Who created
The land and the sea?”

“In the very beginning only

Darkness appeared, and
Water covered the earth, it
Was I who shut in the sea
With doors, when it burst
Forth, and I said “This far you
May come but no farther, your
Proud waves must stop”

Then out of nothing I made light
It was I who commanded the
Morning and caused the dawn to
Know it’s place

It took just six days to create this

And on the Seventh Day I rested

From all my works
All was tranquil, calm and full
Of peace
And though I rejoice of all the
Things I have done

My heart is sad
I must create a people to
Complete this week

And so you come from dust and clay


Until one day you will disobey

Leaving your beloved home
In that moment of time I will speak
My sacred word, for my
Words are always true

A promise I will give

“Though the gates of Eden will be

Six thousand years will be allotted

To this earth
For as my word says “A day of
Creation equals a thousand years”*

You will go forth and till

The land, abundantly it will yield
It’s fruit

But it will lose its strength
plant and
Seed will fade, unable to feed
Those who hunger and thirst
Water will be scarce
Land unable to drink
The taste of sweetness will
Turn sour

The pollution of man will
Destroy the earth with waste

Pestilence and plague will ravage

The land, but those who trust in
Me will be spared

All creation will groan with labor pains
Waiting to give birth


A funeral will be declared
An obituary written for a dying

A pen dipped in black in
Judgement and ashes

Recording the history of the

Human race
From creation to the fall
To the flood

Father Abraham to Moses

To a promised land

To a temple of splendor
The prophets who pled
With tears and cries
To a Baby born, to a Savior
Returning to take home His own

Your inheritance will be bequeathed

A last will and testament
Left to you

A new world and its treasures

A year of Jubilee and healing visits the land

For all who honor me, will
Enter my Sabbath day of rest**

Wait and watch for

No one knows the day nor the hour,
Of Eden lost to Eden
But Your God in heaven!

*2 Peter 3:8
**Exodus 20:8
In God’s word

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