The Story Of Ruth

“A Name Is Chosen, Ruth The Moabites, For She
is Born In Moab”

This is the beginning of a series of spiritual stories
of Biblical characters I have written in prose and
poetry, hoping to give inspiration and faith, to help
us in our spiritual journey through life.

“The book of Ruth is a story of
love and devotion, inspiring
all to be faithful to God”

A Moabite woman who forsakes
her pagan heritage

Part One

Among a mountainous area of an

Ancient land lies the country of

Moab. The hillsides are

Dotted with the green of myrtle and

Olive and flowers of the ‘Star Of


There is a river called the Jordan

River that flows south through

This land into the Dead Sea. Now

The reason the sea is called dead

Is because water flows in but does

Not flow out and it is full of salt…

Not much grows here but a few

Strange plants, cacti and succulent

Growing on arid land…

Children have fun even though they

Cannot swim, but float in the water.


Small, sunbaked homes in this town

Are made of stucco and yellow straw

And have flat roofs opening into a

Courtyard and cobblestone streets.

Bright pink and red bougainvillea

Climb along the walls and yellow

Forsythia welcome spring.

Spring is a happy time in nearby

Fields, seed is sown of barley and rye.

It seems it always rains when the seed

Is planted and there is plenty of water…


The evening is sultry, too warm to

Sleep, quietly she stirs as she labors to

Walk stone stairs to the roof, to escape

The heat, to lay in the coolness and

Look at the stars…she rolls to her side

As she lays in wait, to give birth to her

Child…a cry is heard as pain begins,

A child is about to be born…

“Her Mother Quickly Gathers Sticks That She May
Bake Bread”

Part Two

Dawn is nearing, the stars

Are withdrawing, soon the

Sun will shine on a child she

Is carrying…

It is a difficult birth, the mother

Languishes in pain…a midwife

Is called, running quickly to

Get a stick to place in the

Mother’s mouth.

Clenching down between cries,

With beads of sweat, the midwife

Wipes her forehead with

Cool cloths propping her feet,

Lifting her to the birthing stool…

Beginning to faint, the midwife

Holds her in her arms, then she

Stands that the baby will be in


Olive oil, a basin of water, warm

Wool and a pillow to lay the baby

On are ready. As family and friends

Gather about this home, prayers

Are lifted for this mother and

Child, then one more

Clench of pain, and one last cry,

The baby has arrived.

It has been a difficult birth, but

All the forces of evil cannot stop

This child, for she will be the

Mother of a Son, in a great lineage

Of a King…

The midwife softly

Washes the baby with water and oil.

Wrapping her in swaddling clothes,

The baby stops crying and is placed

By the mother’s side.

A name is chosen!

Ruth the Moabites,

For she is born in Moab…

As the custom in those days, the

Mother ties the baby to her hip as

She goes to work in the barley field.

The feeling of closeness to her

Mother is soothing, the swishing of

The scythe and the soft songs sung

By the mothers…

The heat is thick, sun setting high in

The sky, her baby whimpers, then

Begins to cry. Stopping to nurse her,

She hurries to glean more barley

And rye…

At time of harvest, as

The sun begins to set, her mother

Quickly gathers sticks,

Kneading dough and baking bread….

Excerpts from the book “The Story Of Ruth”

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