The voice…

‘A story of two becoming one’
And a voice said “this the way”

When does a poem become a poem?
A thought sprinkled in the mind, or
Written on paper?
I began writing poetry, hoping to find
From life experiences I had become
Disconnected, not knowing which way
To go, until I was driven to distraction!

I am just visiting this person within,
Not too personal is my intention.
Don’t get too close, or she will shut
I tried it once, her feelings were
Exposed and my words were
There is just too much distance
Between us.
Once we were close and held
Each other, we laughed and cried
Then a strange thing happened,
We parted, really not sure why
And said goodbye, and went our
Separate directions, but a little
Piece of us stuck to each other.
Sometimes l get lonely for her, the
Part that escaped me, but we are
Shaped so differently, we could no
Longer fit together.
Her thoughts resist, the one I have
The house wont stop creaking at
Night, is it trying to tell me
Something I don’t want to hear?
Houses say words too, they hold what
Is true. They are faithful, wrapping their
Around us at night, opening windows
Letting in light, touching us with

The shadows are lifting, my child and I
Are conversing. The path is turning,
The same road we are now
My winter is past, springtime is
Labor pains delivering, a reborn
Child emerging. No longer an imaginary
Dwelling, no longer a child withdrawing.
In the present I am living.
This is what I had hoped for, a different
Path than before.
I have found the way to find the rest
Of myself. And then I heard a voice
From behind, saying…
“I will go before you, I will make your
Crooked paths straight, whether to
The right or left I will lead you!”

Poetry is truly a bridge between myself
And what is left of myself!

Excerpts taken from
‘The Voice’
The Book ‘The Wanderlust”

A voice said “this is the way
A new path I have taken

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