Eternity’s Gate

“I Have Scaled The Utmost Heights”

“The majestic view within”

Through the gates of peace and rest

For a complex mind, it seems difficult and laborious to reach

The insurmountable heights of peace and rest, to expand the

Mind beyond learned behaviors. Each step I take is as if two

Remain behind. It takes a trek of faith, not looking back

From where I have been.


A ladder has been given, one

I pretend

In my effort to ascend

A ladder of wood and ropes

As I begin

My feet are unsteady

Holding on to this rope

The land and valley

Below is treacherous with

An altered look

This rung is one of several I must


One at a time

The wind comes up

Pushing my body around

Fear takes hold

I am told to look up

There are more rungs on the

Ladder to go

I know not, I am not alone

With climbing and searching

Then to the next rung I must


Hope comes close then

Fades away

There is a wall I cannot scale

As if I fail

The rungs are splintering

From constant motion

Of my feet

Of hope, I am unable to keep

Shifting with effort

Continuous wringing of my


Fear grips me again

Rain begins to fall

Holding on tighter

Unable to bare the strain

Little progress I have made

The wind has stopped along

With the rain

One rung left

Six, in all

The rope becomes easier to grip

A new Hand reaches to mine

I have climbed six rungs

Reaching the top

“I have scaled the utmost


A day of rest is given

After the day of six

The majestic view of

Heaven I see within

By His grace

I have reached Eternity’s Gate!

*A stanza from the hymn

“I’m pressing on the upward way”

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