Job and his three friends

“A wealthy man with many sons and daughters”

A sad story, but one with a happy ending

“When this story was written we are not sure”

,There are many stories of faith and trust in God’s
Word, but one well known story of a man called
Job has been a comfort and help down through
the ages.
In spite of loss and affliction, and three friends
rejection, he was ever faithful to his God!

There is a man called Job in

The land of Uz, beyond where

The Euphrates River flows,

Dividing into streams of blue



Flocks of peacocks with their

Flirtatious cries strut about,

Sporting purple and green plumes

Among white lily and Star of

Bethlehem blooms.

Wild donkeys and mountain

Goats rest in the shade of the

Broom tree plant.


As far as the eye can see, all of

This land belongs to the

Patriarch Job, a wealthy man

With many herds and families,

And seven sons and three



Now it seems that this is a story

That existed from the very

Beginning of time,

When it was written we are not

Sure, but it is inspired by God’s


It is a sad story but has a happy



The villain of this story is jealous

And accuses the God of this man

Of unfairness,

Speaking one day “You have

Favored Job and if you remove

His children and land he will

Curse you.”

God replying “Alright take these

Things away but do not harm



One early morning after his sons

And daughters feasted the night

Before, Job arose to offer prayers.

His servant entered with the news

“Your children and herds have been

Slain and I am the only one that


Job is astonished but does not find

Fault, trusting the God he exalts.


Then the foe of Job says “Surely,

If you afflict this man’s body he will

Curse you to his face.”

Job was afflicted with boils

Covering his body, shaving his head,

He sat in ashes.


Yet he does not charge God with

Wrong, replying “Shall we receive

Only good and not evil?”

Job questioned God but never

Cursed him.

He is a victim of a wager between

God and the devil!


When Job’s three friends heard

Of his dilemma they rushed to his

Side, deploring the sight of his

Sufferings, sitting down with him

For seven days and nights.

After seven days Job broke the

Silence cursing the day he was



“Why did not the earth swallow

Me before I was put to the

Breast, why did I not die,

Coming from my mother’s womb?”


Then Job’s friends drew near

With reproaches,

“Job you are at fault, if you had

Not sinned, these sufferings would

Not be received with


He replied, “Lord they accuse me

Of sinning day and night.”…


And in spite of this man’s anguish

And pain he still never cursed God,

And he was blessed with much

More than he had possessed, and

With seven more sons and three



The Book of Job spanning over

Centuries, gives words of comfort

To those who question since time

Began, “Why the suffering of all


This is the first part of the book
‘Three Friends’

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