The Mustard Seed

The smallest of all seeds

“Where the birds of the heavens can rest under
its shadows

With the heat wave that has struck
much of our country, with unusual
high temperatures, I found myself
seeking relief in the park, perhaps
under the shade of the trees.

And to my surprise there were many
more wiser than I, for there were few
people with their usual activities.

It reminds me of last year with
Covid, when our parks were empty
and strangely quiet. It took a lot of
faith on our part to get through
that difficult year.

Now, once again there is a need to have
faith to meet the new challenges facing
us, with the severe draught and impending
fires with their caustic air, consuming
our lands.

There is a story

“Like a Grain of a Mustard Seed”

“Which when it is sown, though it be
less than all the seeds, when it grows,
it becomes greater than all the
plants, and puts out great branches,
so that the birds of the heavens can
rest under its shadows.”

We are encouraged to have the
faith of a grain of the mustard seed,
and nothing will be impossible.
We will be given help to endure
these things that have come upon

Sometimes I find myself having a
difficult time with faith

Expressing it in a prayer

Mustard seed of faith

The smallest of seed was planted
And began to grow.
The mustard seed of my soul
Sprang up,
A tender shoot, lifting itself
Above earth and sky,
Grass and grain and waving branches.
But soon the seed began to
Whither and die.

The drought has been long, what
Was plenty now is gone.

Oh, help me God, for my faith is
Small, what will you do with me?
When I perceive myself my
Silhouette is like a tree with
Branches twisted and tangled,

Encumbered with vines and
Tendrils of fear, fed by roots
Reaching deep into earth’s
Cisterns of misbeliefs and

That even the birds of the air cannot
Find a place to perch, to rest
Their wings, to raise their
Fledglings, to share their song,
For my downcast spirit drives
Them all away,

Devoid of shade and blossoms
Of fruit, green leaves withered
With decay.
Oh Lord, take Your fine tooth
Comb, undo my tangled thoughts,
Make me as the mustard seed
Once planted in my heart!

Inspired by the ‘Parable of the Mustard Seed’

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