The Tamarack Fire

Markleeville General Store

A place of historical events beginning
in the early 1800’s

The Tamarack fire, started by a lightning strike in the
Mokelumne Wilderness, is fast approaching the small
town of Markleeville, Californiaa. A picturesue town
sitting in the foothills of the majestic Sierra’s, a stopping
place for travelers as they head up to the crest, on route
Jacob Marklee founded this town in 1803.
Marklee died after being involved in a gunfight. Later
in the 1800’s part of this town was destroyed by fire,
and now once again is being threatened.

As a young person I had often hiked in this area of pristine beauty.
Many years later this little town would play a significant role in a very
small, but meaningful way. After the death of my son, I had been
living in California, and I had to make several trips over the mountains
on a crooked and winding road, and Markleeville was a place to stop
and rest, to pick up something to eat.

On this particular day, I was nearly blinded by tears, and when I
went up to the cash register,
the man questioned me and I told him of my loss. I reached for
my purse and he said no, and bid me well on my trip over the
mountain. Alone except for my two dogs, who were car sick over
much of the way, I was comforted by the act of kindness that made
my journey a little lighter.

Our prayers ascend for this charming little
town, may it be spared, continuing to bring its
cheer to many!

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