It was a clear day,

The mountains and hills will one day reappear, when the sun breaks through”

and the sky was blue, the air clean. Only in the
distance was the haze that our inversion brings.
But from the last few weeks we know, the
prevailing winds will once again bring about
the stifling smoke and impending heat.

The hills and mountains will be hidden from
view, upon this city that never seems to sleep.

With the devastation brought upon
our lands, the creatures have no
perch to raise their fledglings, to
rest their wings.

Yet unlike us, when tragedy comes
and into despair we fall, they
spread their flight to brighter

Nature’s force cannot be stopped,
but we still have hope, the shrubs
consumed will once blossom

The blade of grass will push up
through dust and ashes.
The grain of wheat will bring
bread to our tables.

And though we cannot see it now
for all the troubles we have, and
the hills are hidden from our view,
they will one day reappear when
the sun breaks through.

But if in fact this is not meant to
be, and all of what we have hoped
for does not come to pass, there is
the promise, a new earth will

And we will be glad, for there is
a God in control of all of these

“I will lift up my eyes to the hills,
from where comes my help”

‘The Book of Psalm’ chapter 121

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