And it was good

Number 3 in an ongoing series

Light and air were spoken into existence,
but God was not done.
Land and water must be divided, separating
waters, running to the seas, rivers and ponds.

Then gathering the land into the palms of
His hands, but the land was barren and dry
and hopeless to the eye.

With a pocket full of seed and a rake and a
hoe, God circled the earth, filling every valley
and field with beauty, watering with His
tears of joy.

Green grass, its slender blades, pushing
up roots, flowers of blue sprung from below,
the fruit tree yielded its sweet scent.

He danced and skipped across the earth, and
a sudden laughter sprang from His lips.
And all the while the angels sang.

Surely His children will be delighted with
all of this.

And so the third day was finished and He
declared it good!

“And God said “Let there be an expanse
in the midst of the waters, calling it

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