Good evening

On this Sabbath ‘Eve

Number 6 in an ongoing series

And a world had hung in space
in just six days, as a gift to be made
A sun, moon and stars brought light
to a darkened world

Everywhere there was pristine beauty
with hills and forests, covered with

sprouted green grass and bright
blue flowers, amongst springs of living

But in all this beauty there was a
stillness and silence, waiting for a
word to be spoken

Then the call went forth, and out of the
ground, animals arose and
roamed the earth

Large gentle beasts and smallest of
creatures, with their cries and curious

Zebras and elephants, lambs and sheep
together in peace, fish spawning
in streams and rivers and into the sea
awakening the waters of life once empty

The mighty leviathan, whales in
the depths of the ocean, dolphins
amongst the teasing waves playing

And then a word was heard
“I must make children to enjoy all of

Taking a scoop of clay and a handful
of dust, a man is created from a lifeless

A rib is used to create a wife, in the very
first moment of time, gazing upon each
other they are pleased

In one day, all creatures were made
and Adam and Eve knelt before their

Dressed in clothes of golden light, and
crowns of jewels, Adam lifts her
veil, and they became man and

With the first holy matrimony
this world was bequeathed as a gift
for His own

And as the sun began to sink, and
the evening hours began, God rested
from all His works

Inviting His children to rest with

And God was no longer lonely!

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