… And so Seth became a father to Enoch…

Number 17 in an ongoing series

And in those days man had become evil, but

God’s invitation was true, “Gather your friends

and also some food. For forty days and nights

Your placid waters will turn to sheets of rain.”

All needed is to believe, before the door is shut

And the plea ignored. Why would we wait

Till it is too late? For one hundred twenty years,

Noah pled with tears, but they listened not. Even

The creatures obeyed the call, as Noah hammered

All day and all night. And the people laughed and

Called him a fool. Only a few slipped through the

Door, who were saved and remained. Once more

The invitation given, “This ship will be tumultuous

Through out the storm, but the hull will safely be

Led on.” For we are told in antiquity of old, “As the

Days before the flood, they were eating and drinking,

Marrying and giving in marriage, until Noah entered

The ark, and knew not, till the flood took them all

Away, so shall it be at the end of time.”

“When the Son of man comes.”

The Book of Genesis chapter 7

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