The tower builders

Number 19 in an ongoing series

Noah and his family had been guided safely through the
storm and had been given a rainbow of promise, but men
began to fear a flood would cover the earth once more, and
determined to build a tower of safety to reach the heavens.
But God was not pleased and looked down upon them,
confusing their language, and they were scattered across
the lands.

I wonder sometimes, if we may endeavor to build our own
tower of safety, until in confusion we turn to Him!

There is a story of a tower of safety that we may all flee to

The Gatekeeper’s Child

The Gardner fences a plot gathering stones
Then planting the choicest of vines
The finest grapes of rose and purple clustered
Among splashes of green woody leaves and
Branches, weaves through shadows and sun
The song of the Beloved touches His vineyard
His pleasant plants reap a harvest in the autumn
Yielding fruits of sweetness, a wine press is built
To press the fruit and a strong tower is placed
In the midst, that his watchmen may watch for
Thieves and robbers and the people may run
And are safe, hiring a gatekeeper to protect his
Vines, the absent Gardner leaves the country
Traveling to a far off land, the gatekeeper’s
Child, fair skinned, with bright blue eyes
And blonde tousled hair, digs in flower beds with
Songs of laughter, one night the gatekeeper
Became imbibed, partaking of the wine, becoming
Mean, his rage bent on destruction, the child is
Frightened, while the gatekeeper forgetting to
Watch for the enemy, a robber crept in and as he
Slept stealing his child who ran and hid, a
Darkness, covered the garden and the fruit
Withered and died, the sweet smell of the
Tender grapes now tainted became sour
Wine, the Landholder returns questioning,
“Where is my gatekeeper and his child?”
But there is no reply, while sending his watchman
To search far and near, the gatekeeper comes to
His senses, the son returns running into the Tower
Of safety, the vines once again are tended with
Love and care, and the richness of the garden
Brings about much more fruit than before!

Story from my book ‘The Gatekeeper’s Child’
On Amazon, and free on Smashwords

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