Fisher of Thoughts

Sometimes it can feel like we are in a turbulent sea
of thoughts, drowning in a war we are unable to
fight, with voices screaming…

In the early dawn of the morning hours, a ship scours an angry
sea of thoughts. Troweling on the deep, a fisherman holds the
line, while a thought is caught, a larger one than anyone had
thought rises to the top, the battle begins leaving the fisherman

Above the commotion a
voice is heard, “Push her down” and an answer says, “How
far down?” As far down as the thoughts are buried”

“Hurry cast a line and reel it in with all your fury” And
another voice says “It is too big and my mind is too small
how can I let go I am sinking? With a body that is weak, with
all my strength, on my knees, every muscle, bone and
grandiose groan has hit the bottom”

Another Voice is heard, “Leave them alone they will only harm
you” The fisherman no longer distraught releases his thoughts
into the depths of the sea!

I have written this story
inspired by the promise in the
Book of Micah Chapter 7
“He will cast all…into the
depths of the sea”

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