I have always had a fascination with clocks. Once I was given one that
struck on the hour, and had a ticking sound. But when it became old
and could not be fixed, in our many moves it was discarded. Several
years later I went on a venture to find one to take its place.

The following is a little story I have written –

A quaint little store, a bell tinkles at the door. The
shopkeeper’s hair is white and he has wrinkles with a
twinkle in his eyes. I explained I was looking for a
clock to buy. There were many sizes and shapes, in gold,
wood and brass, their faces encased in sparkling glass.
I bent my ear, do they have a ticking sound or
strike on the hour? I am saddened, these clocks are
all highly fashioned, but they all lack one thing, they
do not have a tick or a ring. Nothing! Everywhere
I looked, none could I find, little did I know, I needed
a clock I could wind…

The rest of the story can be read in my book
‘Crushed violets’ Available on Amazon.com or free
on Smashwords.com

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