Two Little Brothers

Many stories could be told of how children follow
in their parent’s footsteps. It truly is a mystery how
an illness can afflict some and not others!

There comes a part in the closure of day, when the
evening brings repose to the weary and mirth to the
A story is told of two little boys of the same kin, no
one knows what happened to them or where to begin.
So allow this be told and the reader to know, this
story of the children could be tenfold told.
A local tavern in the village square, brings vintage
wine among other fare.
Beer flows, laughter rings, bringing about joy to
father and boys.
Becoming drunk father is angry and mean, they
don’t understand and become sullen and sad.
They are grown now, father is gone, they still go
to the bar not knowing it is wrong.
One has a drink, that is enough, the other boy sits
on the stool long into the night.
I often wonder, why was one lost to alcohol and one
was not?

In memory of my father and uncle

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